Eagle EPT 75 Hydraulic Tube Bender

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Model NumberEPT 75
General Location:Wisconsin
United States
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Device Details
Control Type:Bend Pro G1 Motor Horsepower:40 HP
Weight:19,000 lbsIn-Line Pressure Die Assist:Yes
Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor:Yes Wiper Die Holder:Yes
Direct Acting Clamp Die:Yes Direct Acting Pressure Die:Yes
Bender Type - Horizontal:Yes Bending Capacity - Mild Steel Round:3 Inches
Bending Capacity - Stainless Steel Round:3 InchesSwing Arm Arm Safety Plate:Yes
CNC Dual Radius Stack:Yes Safety Mat:Yes
Dual Overhead Tie Bars:Yes Bend Die Align:Yes
Bend Rotation RH (Clockwise):Yes Oil Cooler:Yes
Additional Information
Bender was rebuilt for the customer and does not need. No hours on it after rebuild.

Eagle EPT75MR Hydraulic Tube Bender:

-Provided by Sharpe Products

Bender is upgraded with a BendPro CNC multi-axis controller. The controller is manufactured by Current Tech. The controller has a quick disconnect to the main electrical box. Specifications are listed below.

1.EXTREMELY COMPACT: The BendPro control is housed in an 8 x 18 x 18 aluminum enclosure. The control is networked to a compact I/O system which consumes very little space in the benders electrical cabinet.
2.PRODUCTION IS INCREASED: The BendPro determines optimized move sequences and generates a List of Commands (Run List) before any bending is done. The control will detect and communicate and possible run times or interference problems before any material is wasted. Simultaneous motion is utilized whenever possible to assure the highest possible production yields.
3.QUALITY IS IMPROVED: The latest in digital servo technology is used to ensure accurate machine movements and excellent repeatability. The BendPro can also interface to measuring machines to automate the inspection and correction process.
4.RELIABLE OPERATION: An industrial Flat Panel PC serves are the operator interface and the control computer. This high level of integration reduces component count, cables, and connectors while increasing reliability. A touch screen eliminates the need for a keyboard and allows for reliable and easy operation. Optically isolated input/output modules from industry leader OPTO 22 are used to interface the control to sensors and solenoids. Only the highest quality components are used readily available from several sources worldwide. Automatic backup of the Parts Database and Machine Parameters file ensure that a faulty PC can be instantly replaced in the unlikely event of a failure.
5.EASY TO OPERATE Based on the Windows XP Operating system, the BendPro software was written with the easy of use in mind. A graphical representation of the bender and its functions are displayed on the high resolution, bright LCD.
6.EASY ACCESS DATABASE: All Part information is storred in a Microsoft Access Databace. This means the data is easily available to other Windows applications. The BendPro can import Part numbers created in the office or on other BendPro controls. Advanced database operations include network wide part searches, query and deletion of inactive part numbers, and automatic compaction. Another unique BendPro feature is the Rapid Setup Index. When new parts are added or imported, the control will look for a matching Setup Index (OD, wall, CLR, and material). If a matching Setup Index is found, all setup and tooling parameters will be automatically attached to the new part. Custom ordefault Setup data can be used on each Part number.
7.POWERFUL PARTS EDITOR: Bend data can be entered in the form of XYZ Cartesian coordinaces (From CAD programs) or YBC or LRA bend data. The control can also convert back and forth between XYZ and YBC bend data.
8.ADVANCED JOG MODE: Each device on the bender can be individually jogged with the joystick. In addition, a tube can be bent to any specified angle without the need to create a programmed part.
a.Unlimited Part Number storage
b.SpringBack and Elongation calculator
c.3D Display, rotate, and printing routines
d.Advanced Diagnostics
e.Measuring Machine interfaces
f.Programmable speeds for each axis (1 to 100%)
g.Graphical representation of bender renders clear view of machine status
h.Open and Closed collet modes supported
i.Unlimited hitch moves
j.Recapture tube end in zone areas
k.Swing away wiper die support
l.Generates HTML status reports that can be browsed from anywhere in the world
m.Teach Mode avoids interference problems with single or multi-stack tooling
n.See www.currenttech.com for additional information on controller

Machine cleaned, sanded & painted. Standard colors are Safety Blue & Safety Orange (unless other specified)

Safety Mat Included

New hydraulic hoses

New Bend Chain & Connecting Links
Swing Arm:
1.Removed & inspected
2.Remove & replace cup & cone bearings
3.Slides (Grind If necessary)
4.Wear Strips (Grind Or Replace If Necessary)

Stationary Arm:
2.Slides (Grind If necessary)
3.Wear Strips (Grind Or Replace If Necessary)

Hydraulic cylinders including (Bend, clamp, pressure, mandrel, PDA, carriage/close-open, carriage/advance-retract, carriage bed/up-down, bend die align). If cylinders are leaking the rod gland seals will be replaced. If worn out bad we will send out for quote.

Any hydraulic valves will be replaced if not working. The suction strainers and filter elements will be replaced. Hydraulic tank cleaned.

New main electric motor (TEFC) Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 50 hp 230/460 (The motor currently on it is 575 Volts)

1.New Prox Switches
3.Add Yo-Yo Encoders (X) & (Y) Axis
4.Use Existing Servo Motor (Repair or Replace If Necessary)

Additional work that was done:

- New Heat Exchanger Oil Air Style OAO33-4-5-19-BP1.2 (Includes new fittings, hoses & welded couplings)

- New Pump Motor Couplings (Magnaloy)

- Repair Vickers Hydraulic Pump, Replace BIAS Piston, Control Piston, All seals & Bearings, Refinish Rotating Group Assembly, Valve Plate, Yoke Assy, General Cleanup & Test

- Repair Vickers Hydraulic Pump, Replace Shaft, All Bearings & Seals, Refinish Rotating Group Assembly, Valve Plate, Yoke Assy, General Cleanup & Test

- Repair Ballscrew Assemblies

- Repair MOOG Drive

- Repair MOOG Power Supply
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